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Come, Enjoy Your Honeymoon in Samui

Koh Samui is an island in Thailand and is a favourite destination for many tourists around the year. Of these, a sizeable proportion of people come with the objective of having their wedding solemnised here. Over the years, this island has earned that tag of a wedding destination and the number of weddings happening in Samui is only growing each year. The next big thing, perhaps is the honeymoons in Samui. Of course, once the weddings get over, and the guests leave, the bride and the groom can stay on and spend their honeymoon here.

Things You Look for in a Honeymoon Destination

Thanks to the aggressive marketing efforts by many travel firms, and due to the publicity by the respective destinations, certain places have earned the reputation as being the best places for the newly married couples to get to. These places have also customised several of their facilities and tour packages to attract more such honeymooning couples. There are, no doubt, a few things the couple will always look for in a typical hotel or resort where they spend their honeymoon.

One of them is privacy. Having married just a few days or hours before, the couple tends to develop a lot of intimacy, and they would want to spend as much time as possible with each other; just the two of them and no disturbance whatsoever. Many hotels and resorts in Samui are able to provide this privacy, and that is one reason there are many couples who have spent their honeymoons in Samui.

The other aspect would be the atmosphere around should be as close to nature as possible. The honeymooning period is also one of the most romantic days for the couple and there is nothing more romantic than a peaceful island surrounded by all things the nature can offer; flora, fauna, great gardens and beaches and so on. Again, Samui scores on most of these factors and that is also proven by the number of honeymoon couples who land on this island, month after month. Even those who may get married anywhere come to spend their honeymoon here.

Service Levels Need to be Excellent

While leaving the couple alone and allowing them those private moments is one way of pleasing them, they would also expect the service from the hotel/resort in terms of the hospitality provided to be top class. This includes the food being served to the guests. There must be a choice of cuisines to select from and the food quality should be second to none. If the couple wants to travel out a few miles or for visits to other attractive spots in the island, the hotel/resort should provide them good transport facility.

Special packages are also given by many hotels and resorts to encourage more couples to spend their honeymoons in Samui. These include upgrading the room to a cottage or a suite at the same prices, additional dinner coupons and all inclusive rates so that the couple doesn’t have to worry about their budget and just go ahead and enjoy their honeymoon.

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