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Should You Use Synthetic Grass in Your Home?

The synthetic grass market has more realistic-looking options so is it time that you tried it out in the home? Many homeowners are already using that option with the help of Greenprint Synthetic – Artifical Grass Supplier. Synthetic turf is going beyond the golf courses and the football field into home landscaping. There are various home applications in which the synthetic turf will make a very practical sense and solve many of the landscaping issues which are currently vexing you.

Where should use synthetic grass in your home?

There are plenty of places where you can consider laying these out. These include the following:

·         Use in them in the rooftop lawns which are unable to support the traditional lawns’ weight

·         They are easily cleanable when soiled by the small pets

·         They can be a good option for inhospitable areas where you cannot grow real grass

·         Use them in any situation where you wish to reduce your carbon footprints

·         They are also a suitable option in the situation where you want to have the look of the real grass without necessarily having to grapple with water bills and the high maintenance costs. Check out Greenprint Synthetic

Advantages of Faux Grass

The most advantageous is the very low to zero cost of maintaining synthetic grass. Once installed on your turf, it will require very little watering, trimming, mowing or even the use of fertilizers. Your water bill for maintaining the turf will be virtually zero and if it is installed by Greenprint Synthetic – Artificial Grass Supplier, you will have a turf that looks great all year-round. If you live in the metropolitan areas, these kinds of turf are generally widely available. With the Greenprint Synthetic – Artificial Grass Supplier, you can find very natural looking grass and it is virtually impossible to distinguish the faux grass from the real grass unless someone inspects it closely.

For the best look, use the faux grass in smaller surface areas. The extensive prep work that needs to be carried out on the turf also drives up the cost of installation of the artificial turf.


The main disadvantage of the synthetic grass is that it can be pricey to install and it also requires considerable skill in order to install successfully. To get the best look, you have to buy the more expensive kinds. The ones which are less expensive will look cheap and obviously fake. It is therefore good to install the highest quality of artificial turf that you can find. Additionally, because the artificial turf heats too quickly, it may not be the best option for the hotter climates where there is intense sunshine unless it is installed in a shaded area.

Considerations when installing artificial turf

When it comes to artificial turf, you will simply get what you pay for but the turf comes in a wide range of quality options. To make it look more natural, it is good to have grass with some brown blades blended into the turf. Talk to your installer and ask for recommendations on the best quality that you could go with. Unless you have a very solid DIY experience in turf installation, it is advisable to leave that to the professionals.

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