Common Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development

There are plenty of risks involved when it comes to software development outsourcing and it is important to weigh these risks carefully when you are planning your software outsourcing.  Outsourcing generally comes with opportunities as well as challenges. For maximum success, you will be exploring ways of maximizing on the opportunities while minimizing risks.

software development outsourcing

But decision makers still make lots of mistakes when it comes to software development outsourcing. Some of these mistakes are fatal and may kill your software project. So what are the common mistakes that you need to avoid in order to give your outsourcing a good shot at success?

Inadequate Analysis of the Operating Model of Your Software Outsourcing Partner

For most companies, the imperative for outsourcing software development is cost-cutting. These companies will thus choose an outsourcing partner at the lowest cost possible while expecting the best quality from the project. If you are spending very low, it is hard to expect the best ROI from your software outsourcing projects. Cost is generally a high priority for companies who are looking for an outsourcing partner but there are many other critical considerations that you need to look at when it comes to software development outsourcing. For example, what is the company’s innovative strength? What is their operating model? Is this well aligned with your business objectives? You need to evaluate whether the service provider that you are planning to hire is able to deliver tangible value for your business based on their track record.

A Good Organizational Cultural Fit

Where software development outsourcing transcends not just geographical barriers but also cultural practices, effective communication could be difficult. A lot of elements of communication vary across the globe such as the intonation, idioms, body language, and even unspoken assumptions during conversations. In certain instances, these variations can have catastrophic consequences for your software development outsourcing project. Look for an outsourcing partner with a strong cultural fit and can communicate effectively to ensure that no key details are lost during your exchanges.

Poor Management of Contract

The process of drafting a software outsourcing contract is one that requires careful attention to details. You must try as much as possible to identify the loosely defined areas which could be a source of friction in the course of the project implementation and which may bring additional costs or poisoned relationships with your outsourcing partner. It is generally advisable to carry out a very detailed requirement gathering and scoping in order to avoid such an eventuality during the software development process. The contract management should address the rapid changes taking place in the ICT industry so that your business does not suffer any technological issues a few months or years down the line.

Outsourcing without strategic planning

If you are unclear on the reasons why you are outsourcing and what you plan to outsource, the success of your software outsourcing will be in jeopardy. Before you choose an outsourcing partner, you need to clearly outline your objectives based on the IT tasks that you wish to accomplish.