Tips for Luxury Travel in Asia

Asia has long been a top luxury travel destination but in the recent years, it has seen renewed interest from many travelers. One of the biggest advantages with travel in Asia is that the dollar can really stretch far and you will afford lots of luxury treats for much less. The luxury hotel collection in Asia experience is also quite unique, riding on a culture that values great hospitality above anything else. Some of the best value spots on Asia for luxury travel include Myanmar, Bali, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore amongst other top destinations.

If you are planning to get the most value from your Asian luxury itinerary, then you must learn how to hunt for the best value. Here are some tips on how you can score some great luxury bargains in Asia:

Look Out for Seasonal Promos: For many luxury travelers, money may not even be a consideration. Value and experience come first. However, in case you really want to watch the costs while traveling and enjoying top end Asian luxury, then you can hunt for some of the promo deals offered by top end luxury hotels and resorts. The drawback is that many of these deals may not be available during the peak seasons so you may have to travel to Asia when most holidaymakers are not travelling there. That also means you may have to put up with a little bit of bad weather such as light rain or heavy rain and even hotter temperatures.

Choose Boutique Hotels: A big part of the luxury hotel collection in Asia now preferred by many travelers are the luxury boutique hotels which always offer travelers something unique. These hotels are not just the traditional five-star establishments. They go over and above the ordinary and always have a unique story to tell. A unique aspect of the luxury hotel collection in Asia in the boutique market is that they offer you a window and up close experience with the local history and culture in the places where they are set in.  You can check out some of these unique boutique hotels at Examples of the top luxury boutique hotels in Asia include  The Strand Yangon, the Amanusa in Bali in Indonesia, The Siam Bangkok, The Upper House in Hong, Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, The Dharmawangsa in Jakarta, and many others.

In this luxury hotel collection in Asia, you will go beneath the surface and discover some of the most beautiful experiences in these destinations. It gives you the essence of luxury travel and you will be able to explore everything about the destination including the shopping culture, cuisine, culture, and various other leisure activities.

Splurge where it matters the most: One way to get the best value for money is by scrimping in certain areas and splurging your money on where it matters the most, what you would like to experience the most. For example, if you want to explore a lot about the destination and go out and about, then splurging on the hotel itself is the best idea. However, if you are going to spend a lot of time in the hotel and the beaches or by the poolside, then you really have to splurge your money on maximizing those experiences.